Wednesday, October 15, 2008

to all of you women

My mom is the most amazing mom. She did everything she could possibly do to give Taryn and i a good life. She went through a 9 month accelerated nursing program ( which would normally take two years) JUST to support us. work work work, thats all she did. I just think about some women out there that dont even work, they have a husband that works and yet they still think that life just sucks. They complain about having kids and being pregnant and all of the negative aspects of life, things that dont matter( well to most thankful people). Think about the things you DO have. Think about the single moms who deal with loneliness, isolation, frustration and finances every single day of their lives. Think about the women who long to have babies but psychically can not have a child and feel like they are no good to a man. Think about the women who go to work every single day, all day long and MISS their children so terribly bad that they ACHE to see them. Think about the women who would give an arm and a leg JUST to be pregnant and have that one baby theyve always dreamed of.
be THANKFUL for what you have.

The single women working hard to support their children,
The women who cant psychially have babies but are still so positive and awesome,
The women who APPRECIATE everything they have,
THESE are women to be praised.

I am really thankful to have such an amazing mom, ive learned a lot from her and i could only hope i can be just as good as she is one day.


taryn said...

mom is amazing and i completely agree with everything your talking about here. I can't stand it when people complain about being pregnant because there are so many people out there who would do anything for a baby and cannot physically have one. I try to be thankful for everything I have because at the end of the day I have 2 healthy babies and I am so grateful for that.

Krista Bandy said...

i couldn't read her blog.. i just couldn't. i read part of it then stopped.
oh and my boobs are getting big so i really don't have mcdonalds balls anymore, except they are still spread apart so weirdly.