Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i lied

bad WEEK.

Monday, October 27, 2008

bad day

I hate bad days. School is wearing me OUT. I mean with school, work, two boxers, and a boyfriend who doesn't know one thing about a simple apology, things can just plain suck sometimes. I hate having this feeling where you are upset but you don't want to talk to anyone about it, and you don't want to see anyone you know, but yet you don't really want to be alone. I mean , where in the hell is that going to get you ? Knowing me probably just sitting either in my car parked somewhere , or at Starbucks for a LONG time. Ive been going through some rough times lately. Friends just aren't really pulling through, relationships are hard and confusing, i guess its just a reminder that I cant really count on anyone but myself at this point. I need to just concentrate on school so i can finish and be able to support myself. I did find out a couple good news today though, i skipped class on Thursday and it turned out class was canceled anyways so i didn't miss anything! I also got my grade in math today and i have a 93.6%.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyone is Sick!!!!

Everyone is sick! including me now :( boo. Ive been trying my hardest to stay away from all of the flu/sickly people, but all i can think about the whole time im sitting in a desk at school is how many germs are all over them! On top of being sick, i have been switching birth controls the last year or so trying to find the right one and i finally decided about 2 months ago to give my body a break for a little bit. Well i started my period and man i forgot what it was like to just have a normal period. It ROCKED my world, i thought i had the stomach flu! Turned out i just needed some advil and a long nap. I did also get my flu shot last week and i usually somehow end up getting sick within a week or so of getting the flu shot every year. Well my dad SWEARS on his life that its not from the shot! Ive been learning all about that sort of thing though and im beginning to think he could possibly be wrong! I would way rather have that flu shot though then the full blown flu! So to everyone who is sick or has been , i feel your pain!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So today we decided to be festive and we headed down to the Avila Valley Barn, which i still cant decide was a good idea or not! The crowds were crazy!! and we brought Daisy and Bentley too! I decided because i love my sister Taryn so much i would carve my pumpkin in honor of her and her love for the Twilight series ( as much as i hate it!) So here is the documentation!

Bentley was hard at work the whole time trying to eat every piece of pumpkin he could get!

We carved on our back porch.

Daisy hard at work!

i styled my hair for the festive activities!! doesn't it look nice?

Jin Ho's pumpkin is off the hook CLEARLY.

If you cant tell my pumpkin is a vampire going in for a bite on the neck! i free styled those stars by the way!

Oh i also put up some decorative orange lights in honor of the holiday! Our house looks so cute i love it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

no title

So all my life my dad has been getting shoulder surgeries and knee surgeries that require him to have multiple stitches. Pretty much every time he would ask me if i wanted to take them out for him! well knowing me, usually i did! I loved doing things like that. I remember one time he had a big shoulder surgery and came home with tons of staples all down his shoulder that he let me take out and i loved every second of it!! Well last night he came home with our flu shots. So of coarse in the family line up i go first ( if you know my family, i usually go first when dad brings home the scary shots from work) and right afterward he turned to me and said, "ok ,now you give me mine". I got soo nervous! Im not sure if it was because it was my dad and hes the doctor so i didnt want to mess up in front of him , or if it was because i just had never done it! So he yelled at me for a minute or so and finally i just did it. Well when i was done i was begging everyone else if they would let me do theirs too! I mean if i can be excited about giving my first shot, what is it going to be like helping deliver that baby!?

Oh another thing. I know my last blog was a little negative. I just was feeling really angry last night after reading a couple things, but i want all you moms around me to know that this was not about you. You guys are all very inspiring to me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

to all of you women

My mom is the most amazing mom. She did everything she could possibly do to give Taryn and i a good life. She went through a 9 month accelerated nursing program ( which would normally take two years) JUST to support us. work work work, thats all she did. I just think about some women out there that dont even work, they have a husband that works and yet they still think that life just sucks. They complain about having kids and being pregnant and all of the negative aspects of life, things that dont matter( well to most thankful people). Think about the things you DO have. Think about the single moms who deal with loneliness, isolation, frustration and finances every single day of their lives. Think about the women who long to have babies but psychically can not have a child and feel like they are no good to a man. Think about the women who go to work every single day, all day long and MISS their children so terribly bad that they ACHE to see them. Think about the women who would give an arm and a leg JUST to be pregnant and have that one baby theyve always dreamed of.
be THANKFUL for what you have.

The single women working hard to support their children,
The women who cant psychially have babies but are still so positive and awesome,
The women who APPRECIATE everything they have,
THESE are women to be praised.

I am really thankful to have such an amazing mom, ive learned a lot from her and i could only hope i can be just as good as she is one day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

oh school.. and Halloween!

Lately i have been really stressing out about school. I know for a lot of people school comes easy, but for me it just doesn't! I have to try really really hard, i mean give it everything ive got to do well. So FAR im half way through the semester and i am actually doing pretty well. I guess my hardest problem is finding a balance. Right now im taking English,Math and Biology. I have english twice a week, math three times a week, and bio once a week ( i go for four hours, i know yikes). Most of the time i concentrate on english and math because they both give me so much homework. Considering i only have bio once a week, i dont really think about it that much other then when i have an exam and i FREAK out because i dont know anything! I got lucky i have a really great teacher in bio. He lectures pretty much the whole three hours and on top of it he comes in an hour early to help me understand things a little bit better.

So i knew in english and math i have A's but i thought for sure i had atleast a D or an F in bio because my last exam i bombed! Well this exam i did pretty good and i just checked my grade online and im up to a B-! i almost cried happy tears. Im sure for most of you this is a boring post, but for me this is my life right now! I NEED to get good grades to get into this program! Oh yes which brings me back to submitting my application for nursing school tomorrow! everyone be praying please :)

On a better note! I cant wait for Halloween! Ive been meaning to stop by and get some pumpkins for Jin Ho and i to carve! Tonight i stopped by Old Navy to pick up Ellas halloween Costume which by the way is sooooo freaking cute im not going to spoil it for everyone though!! and it reminded me how i need to get my own costume!! This year im going to the All Hallows Eve Bash at Native! I cant wait!!! Dj flight is going to dj, hes our friend and one of the best djs ever, an ourdoor ice bar, live psychics( which i will be running from because im not into that!!)an outdoor hookah lounge,special effects and costume contests!!! Its going to be soo much fun! I think Brenda and i are going to be Indians! I really need to get on that!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

a new appreciation for my dogs

This morning i went to breakfast with Brenda and she brought Ruby along with us( her cute little 6 month old, 4lbs,min pin). Everything was fine we just thought she was sleeping very nicely in Brenda's lap the whole time.... well turns out we were wrong. After breakfast we came back to my house so i could get ready to go to Leah's Bridal shower and we took her out to go potty and she could barely stand up. Her head was bobbling around all weird and she kept falling over like she couldnt hold her own weight, i knew something was wrong. I was particularly scared because a while ago i had watched animal cops on tv and a dog on there had gotten into some rat poisen and didnt make it to the er on time. Well, Ruby was doing something very similar to what i thought looked like the dog on animal cops was doing. We watched her for a couple more minutes and realized she needed to go to the animal ER. So we rushed down to Arroyo Grande and they took her right in. We waited.. and waited...meanwhile Brenda was terribly upset thinking the worst situation possible.... and then finally got called into a small little room where they then questioned us. Do you keep any toxins in, or around your property ? Has she been eating and drinking anything today ? Has she been Vomiting or any diareah ? Do you have any marijunah in the house?

Right then we realized Brendas roomate( the stoner she found on craigslist last minute) smokes all day everyday and Ruby might possibly have wondered in there and gotten into his stash. So low and behold, poor little Ruby ended up eating some charcoal and barfing, and then getting sent home 400 dollars later. THANK GOD she was ok, but the poor thing is still high out of her mind!

It really gave me a new appreciation for my dogs because while i was in the ER a boxer was in there. I guess the owner( i could use a large amount of cuss words right now because of how much she infuriated me) had clipped EVERY SINGLE nail wayyy to short and they were all bleeding. There was blood all over the floor. It smelled really bad in there the whole time i just wanted to get the HELL outta there! I know i know, i wanna be a nurse! so im going to be around lots of blood and weird smelling things, but its different! I cant stand it when animals are hurt!!!!!

This is Ruby normal:

This is your dog on drugs:

And Again:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Girl!

So last night was Brenda's Birthday! She has been so awesome to me since we have become friends so i wanted to do something really nice in honor of her! Shes not to keen on birthdays so her plan was to keep it low key and just go check out the fashion show for a little while at Native. WELL... what she didn't know was that i had a couple surprises up my sleeve! The first surprise was her sister and sisters boyfriend coming into town for the festivities( her sister is her best friend and favorite person in the entire world) she hasn't seen her in while so she was sooooo happy to see them! Then the second surprise i got planned was a table at Native with bottle service. Were friends with the owner of Native so he threw in a second bottle of Grey Goose for free! It turned out to be a really good night. We all went out to dinner and then back to Brenda's for some champagne. Meanwhile i snuck down to native before the show and decorated her table with balloons, glow sticks, party hats, party favors and some other things! Then after champagne we headed down to the Fashion Show where we ended up til about 2 in the morning! Jin Ho got a little crazy!!!!! Heres some fun pics.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today is mine and Jin Ho's 9 month anniversary! It has been a long, wild, amazing 9 month's at that!

It's easy when you live with someone to just get into a swing of thing's and forget to tell each other how much you care. Everyday i think about how lucky i am to live the life that i i do.I have my two favorite little dogs, i have someone who makes me dinner every night and takes me out all the time! I have the cutest little house to live in with a roof over my head. I just am REALLY lucky! oh and not to mention i probably found the funniest man alive considering im laughing all day because of him!

One more thing, im ALWAYS asking people if they have seen these e trade commercials that im obsessed with, they are hilarious!!! here is a link to my favorite one!!Please, its well worth your time! it involves a baby for all you moms!http ://

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today i worked all day, went straight to school for two hours and then straight to the grocery store. I finally just ate dinner at 930 pm and all i want to do is go to bed! Too bad tomorrow i have a math exam and a bio exam to study for! someone save me :( its all worth it!

On a lighter note, I have no school this Thursday and Friday because of teacher flex days. It's Brenda's birthday this Thursday and im surprising her with a table at native for the fashion show with bottle service. Her sister Heather is also coming into town to surpise her for the night! cant wait.

My next blog is going to be about Jin Ho. get ready

Monday, October 6, 2008

loving life

Well it has finally happened! Ive decided to join the world of blogging. Life just recently became a little crazy when i decided to follow my dreams and start college after 3 years in cosmetology. I have been so slammed with homework i feel like im losing my mind! I cant WAIT until im in that delivery room maddness. I just got to sit in on my second live vaginal birth as most of you know im sure, my little baby nephew Owen was born! and let me tell you how much more inspired i was! im obsessed. The whole expierence is intriguing. Watching all of the nurses come in and check her, and then the actual birthing of the baby! Its so insane. I just couldnt imagine anything more rewarding. Thank God everything went perfect or else i might die! I apply to get into the progam on Oct 15th and find out in Feb. if i get accepted. Everyone cross your fingers , i need this! Here is a couple pictures of precious baby Owen.