Monday, December 29, 2008

2 more things

1.I think Eva Longoria pretty much explains it all when she said- “I think sometimes women are stuck in a type. I’ve never dated the same type. I fall in love with personalities, and they come in different packages.”

2. The other day i dropped the remote and the back opened up and the batteries fell out.... well one went missing and i could NOT find it for the life of me. Haha, well i was cleaning up dog poop outside today and look what i found! Looks like little miss Daisy ate an extra snack.

a couple new things

So over the Christmas break Jin Ho had a few days off (which is very rare) so we went shopping! Him and i never get to spend a whole day off, let alone a couple of them, so we took advantage of it! We took the dogs to doggy day care at happy tails so we wouldn't have to worry about them being in their crates for too long, and we were off!

We went up to Paso to Target and Ross. Then we came back to slo and shopped around downtown til we had to go pick up the dogs before they closed. I had soooo much fun, not just because we were getting some new things for the house, but because we got to spend that much time together doing something fun. If you know me, then you know that the house that Jin Ho moved into almost 2 years ago still looks like he just moved in a month ago! There is nothing on the walls! and the decorating looks like a bachelor pad. So just to start off small , we got a few new things that are helping turn this house into a home, and i love it.

Here are just some random pictures of some of the things we got and more.

This is the side table we got for the couches along with a cute new lamp and digital photo frame!I was probably the most excited about the digital photo frame because ive been wanting one for a while now!
I found these candle holders at Ross im OBSESSED with them! They were so cheap and now we can bring good luck into the house with elephants! ( i am a little superstitous)

We also got this little table at Ross along with the mirror we hung above it. This is the spot where he used to have a whole wall of Dvd's. It looks and feels 100% nicer in here now and we actually hung our first item on the wall!
Bentley is obsessed with Jin Ho, from the second he gets home til he leaves in the morning hes sitting on his lap! And then the picture below is Mom and Ella baking last night! Right before she fell ill :( poor little lover.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What does Becoming a nurse mean?

hard work, a lot of schooling, a lot of learning,becoming something you've worked terribly hard for, and making a lot of money.

I don't get very much feedback from the people i surround myself with other than my hard working boyfriend, but i just need to remember that im doing this for myself and no one else. It's not easy by any means, but its definitely easy to feel like none of your friends give a shit when everyone grew up in a town where no one really goes anywhere or does anything. It just makes me want to work harder for it.

That's my vent for the day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Merry Christmas!

from: Daisy and Bentley
(they were so mad about this!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ive been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stressed about not passing this Bio class i was just in because that would mean i would have to re-take it and my nursing application would be void.... but i JUST FOUND OUT I PASSED! woo-hoo with a C! I haven't had the best night...but nothing can bring me down! Thank you Jesus and Mr.Kirkhart.

p.s i am notorious for crazy sinus infections and i feel a cold coming on! please no :( not during Christmas!!

p.p.s The Christmas party is tomorrow night and im excited! I just got done decorating the house by myself, and cleaning by myself. Jin Ho never cleans! I will post pictures after the party to show the cute decorations.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

im tired

Well its official the Jin Ho-liday party will be held on the 2oth! Im excited because i feel like this year we have become close with everyone that will be attending.. it wont be as big as last year, but i guess as life goes on we just naturally weed out the people that dont matter and stay close with the ones that do, and i am extremly thankful for the people in my life! We really do have an awesome close group of friends and we all have a lot of fun together so i imagine it i will be a really good time. Im so excited.

I had a crazy week. I had 2 exams, 3 essays, and a group project for bio on top of finals next week and work. Im exhausted. Jin Ho bought me the new Sims game on the wii (united kingdom) and i started playing last week and all ive wanted to do is just sit and play it for a couple of hours! So i planned on tonight just being my night to relax and not do anything and i ended up NOT playing the sims , but baking and cleaning instead! now its back to work in the morning and meeting with my bio group again in the afternoon. im BURT.

p.s i love ace of cakes

It's Loris Baby shower this Sunday, i cant even believe how fast time is flying. I knew it would and i would be kicking myself for not being able to spend enough time with her while shes pregnant! I guess i just need to accept the fact that we are both older and NOT sixteen anymore so i cant just pick up the phone or walk over to her house and see her at any second. :( KRISTA you too! i love them more than anything its just so hard to try and plan things these days between our schedules, considering San Luis is like worlds away from AG and Santa Maria.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last weekend we went out on Saturday night with pretty much all of our friends (which is rare) because usually Jin Ho works and everyone else is just busy. WELL as i predicted, everyone pretty much ended up as drunk as i thought they would and ended off the night in a fist fight! Compliments of my boyfriend starting it by sticking up for me :) then we decided to walk all the way home and he forced me to take off my heels and wear his shoes and he walked in his socks the whole two miles! he is so sweet. He also put up the Christmas lights last weekend and they look amazing! This year he got the LED icicle lights so you can pretty much see our house from Broad because they are so bright! Then, right when i thought i was pushing it asking him to put up the lights, he came home from work yesterday and offered to go get a Christmas tree!! Before we left he MADE sure that i knew we couldnt get a huge one because our house is to small and we dont have enough room...haha. All i can say is we came home with an EIGHT feet tall flocked tree!! its wild and i love it.I spotted it from a mile away when we got to the the place and its perfect! I decorated last night til about eleven and now our living room looks like a winter wonderland! I really do have the best boyfriend. I felt so bad because last night when we went to bed he woke up and barfed all night long, and then i had crazy anxiety that i might get sick during these next few weeks of finals so we were both up all night! I cant wait for Christmas... and i think were going to go to Vegas when im done on the 17th, im so excited!p.s who thinks we should have a holiday party this year???