Saturday, November 22, 2008

good show

I went and saw Mickey Avalon last night which actually turned out to be really fun. Jin Ho got a table so we didn't have to be in that crazy crowd cause i probably would have just left considering i wasn't in the best mood. He has these two really funny dancers with him that were probably the most enteraning part of the whole show. They wore slutty lingerie the whole time and just wondered around the stage, at one point one was just in pasties! I wasnt sure if it would be fun cause i knew that every stupid person in SLO would be there, but hes weird, gross, and dirty,three of my most favorite things so i knew i couldnt miss out! If any of you dont know what Mickey Avalon looks like - treat yourself to some eye candy. p's hes tiny

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i love them.

So i had lunch with Lori and Krista this week and boy did i NEED it! I feel like i haven't even been able to see their bellies grow and i hate it more than anything! They make me feel like im so far behind ( life wise) but its amazing to think that we are all still best friends and i actually get to witness all of this baby having! Now for the rest of the weekend, not so good. not gonna blog about it.

I forced them to take this picture. Lori wanted to take it infront of that big coors light truck in the background ( not surprising!) and Krista would not smile!!! Sounds about right :) Love you guys!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my dream

Ok just a little FYI about me before you read this.. my whole life ive had night terrors.. i wont go into detail or anything but they are vivid dreams that usually end up in me sleep walking and doing weird things and when i wake up i can remember the whole thing like it actually happened.This one wasnt scary at ALL, but it was as vivid as they usually are and i never usually dream other then night terrors... SO this morning I just woke up out of this dream i HAVE to blog about.

We were back at my old redlands house with my whole family,not living there,just visiting after all these years because i guess Taryn and I were both getting married there the next day! I dont remember if she was marrying Shaun or not, i dont think i ever got to see who it was going to be, all i remember is the house was vacant and a little different looking but mostly how i remembered it. It was painted a light teal and pastel pink, and i kept thinking.. these colors are crazy...but i guess it will work! My dad walked upstairs in his suit that was super eighties and like 5 sizes to small but he was really excited about it so i didnt say anything cause i didnt want to hurt his feelings. I just remember feeling like i wanted to cry when i saw it. THEN i realized i didnt have a wedding dress. Jin Ho had surprised me with one! It was wild. It was brown with all kinds of fancy stuff on it. I remember thinking he would really like me in it, but it was really unflattering. So i was looking around and Taryn had 3 wedding dresses picked out all from J Crew!! I kept asking her how i could find one in such short time and she told me that if i went that day to target they could have one shipped out to me. Then i remember freaking out and not wanting to get married inside the house because i felt like it was to eighties looking so i was yelling at everyone telling them i wanted to get married outside the house infront of the big pillars and by the bushes! Then i woke up.

It freaked me out, it was like i was actually there. Does anyone know why i would have a dream like this?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two things

First- you might recognize them from the CMT music show can you duet, or from a couple commercials on TV right now...but im OBSESSED. Their names are Rory+Joey and for some reason every single thing about them makes me cry. I loved them on the show,and when i saw one of their first commericals i just about died. They are the most sweetest, in love, precious couple not to mention she has the most amazing voice you have ever heard. Check them out!They have a couple videos on their myspace that are about them that are really cute.

Second- I don't know if you have ever tried this? m sure most of you have seen the commercial back in the day, yes the really cheesy one! BUT i love it. Lately ive been on a huge kick drinking a cup a night.. which probably is not good for the Lbs. but regardless it is tasty. I remembered drinking it when i was younger so i decided to go to the grocery store to see if they had it and thank God they did! Im actually having a glass right now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So i just saw my first Christmas commercial of the year and ohhhh yes it felt so good! It was just a wal mart commercial but i loved every second of it!! I cant wait for all of the decorations to go up around San Luis and Arroyo Grande. This year i get to have a REAL Christmas tree and i
couldnt be more excited! I would love to try and convince my boyfriend to get one of those snowy white ones that Taryn and I have always wanted... but i doubt i could be that lucky. I was thinking about taking some awesome Christmas photos with funny sweaters and my boxers all dressed up to send out.. we will see if i get around to that though. My first semester is coming to an end so fast. I cant believe that in less than a month i will already be done with my first pre reqs! I met with my counciler yesterday to devise my RN plan, which seems a little overwhelming right now but i know in the end thats where my heart will be. She kept mentioning to have a back up plan incase i dont get in this random drawing for the LVN coarse and every single time i cringed! Anyways.... atleast its almost Christmas time! and even better i get to have Brenda here with me cause she decided not to move yet! I am sooo thankful cause i was already beginning to cry everysingle time she mentioned it. Anyways, I need Thanksgiving to come quicker so i can get those Chritmas lights up !( that i already made Jin Ho buy!) he loves me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ok SO Halloween was fun! I had a really good time. The decorations were not half as good as i had hoped they would be... but oh well they were still cool. The live psychic room scared me all night, I just wanted to stay as far away from it as possible! The night was longggggggg considering we got there around 9 and stayed til almost closeing time. Things started getting a little weird towards the end of the night! we wont get into that though...ha . So i had a really rough week and ended it off with a fun Halloween thank God cause i definetly needed it! Here are some fun pictures from our night. The last picture is of Kamylah and I downtown a couple weekends ago. She is in the same program as me so were in all of the same classes, i LOVE her she is my rock! I hope hope hope that we both get accepted into the program at the same time so every cross your fingers for her to !

Dj Flight and Jin Ho

Jin Ho and Matt Gaines

Brenda being a savage Indian!

i LOVE this bitch!

Uncle Sam is soo cute!

Im in love with Uncle Sam

We had the coolest drinks!

Jin Ho, Rich, and I

Kamylah and I