Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyone is Sick!!!!

Everyone is sick! including me now :( boo. Ive been trying my hardest to stay away from all of the flu/sickly people, but all i can think about the whole time im sitting in a desk at school is how many germs are all over them! On top of being sick, i have been switching birth controls the last year or so trying to find the right one and i finally decided about 2 months ago to give my body a break for a little bit. Well i started my period and man i forgot what it was like to just have a normal period. It ROCKED my world, i thought i had the stomach flu! Turned out i just needed some advil and a long nap. I did also get my flu shot last week and i usually somehow end up getting sick within a week or so of getting the flu shot every year. Well my dad SWEARS on his life that its not from the shot! Ive been learning all about that sort of thing though and im beginning to think he could possibly be wrong! I would way rather have that flu shot though then the full blown flu! So to everyone who is sick or has been , i feel your pain!


Krista Bandy said...

I have never had the flu shot, but have heard that you get sick right after it.. I just think your dad wants to be right.. but really he knows he's not!

Michelle said...

That sucks! Our family went through being sick and we are all pretty healthy now. Knock on wood! Krista: you will probably get a flu shot soon, especially since you're pregnant!

taryn said...

I didn't get sick from the flu shot this year, but I have felt symptoms from it in the past..... Ella got hers yesterday and OH MY GOSH I can't wait to tell you the story about it.... pretty much everyone at dad's office needs hearing aids now... I didn't go but Alexandra and dad keep talking about it!