Tuesday, October 14, 2008

oh school.. and Halloween!

Lately i have been really stressing out about school. I know for a lot of people school comes easy, but for me it just doesn't! I have to try really really hard, i mean give it everything ive got to do well. So FAR im half way through the semester and i am actually doing pretty well. I guess my hardest problem is finding a balance. Right now im taking English,Math and Biology. I have english twice a week, math three times a week, and bio once a week ( i go for four hours, i know yikes). Most of the time i concentrate on english and math because they both give me so much homework. Considering i only have bio once a week, i dont really think about it that much other then when i have an exam and i FREAK out because i dont know anything! I got lucky i have a really great teacher in bio. He lectures pretty much the whole three hours and on top of it he comes in an hour early to help me understand things a little bit better.

So i knew in english and math i have A's but i thought for sure i had atleast a D or an F in bio because my last exam i bombed! Well this exam i did pretty good and i just checked my grade online and im up to a B-! i almost cried happy tears. Im sure for most of you this is a boring post, but for me this is my life right now! I NEED to get good grades to get into this program! Oh yes which brings me back to submitting my application for nursing school tomorrow! everyone be praying please :)

On a better note! I cant wait for Halloween! Ive been meaning to stop by and get some pumpkins for Jin Ho and i to carve! Tonight i stopped by Old Navy to pick up Ellas halloween Costume which by the way is sooooo freaking cute im not going to spoil it for everyone though!! and it reminded me how i need to get my own costume!! This year im going to the All Hallows Eve Bash at Native! I cant wait!!! Dj flight is going to dj, hes our friend and one of the best djs ever, an ourdoor ice bar, live psychics( which i will be running from because im not into that!!)an outdoor hookah lounge,special effects and costume contests!!! Its going to be soo much fun! I think Brenda and i are going to be Indians! I really need to get on that!


a song for parker said...

Good girl D! It's so cool that you are doing so well in school! and that Party sounds off the chizzain!

Krista Bandy said...

That is not a boring post! I am really happy to hear that you are doing good! And I will be thinking of you getting into that program ALL DAY! I really hope you get in Danielle! I know you will. Keep me posted yo. Love you.

taryn said...

OH MY GOSH I WANT TO GO TO NATIVE!!!!!!!!! THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to go to the punkin patch a.s.a.p. maybe we can go this weekend or something??? you WILL get inot that program. LOVE YOU!