Monday, October 6, 2008

loving life

Well it has finally happened! Ive decided to join the world of blogging. Life just recently became a little crazy when i decided to follow my dreams and start college after 3 years in cosmetology. I have been so slammed with homework i feel like im losing my mind! I cant WAIT until im in that delivery room maddness. I just got to sit in on my second live vaginal birth as most of you know im sure, my little baby nephew Owen was born! and let me tell you how much more inspired i was! im obsessed. The whole expierence is intriguing. Watching all of the nurses come in and check her, and then the actual birthing of the baby! Its so insane. I just couldnt imagine anything more rewarding. Thank God everything went perfect or else i might die! I apply to get into the progam on Oct 15th and find out in Feb. if i get accepted. Everyone cross your fingers , i need this! Here is a couple pictures of precious baby Owen.


brooke said...

D!!!! I'm so excited that you're blogging! Yay! Owen is SO cute! We're coming down again this weekend, so I'll definitely see you then! b

taryn said...

you WILL get in, I JUST KNOW IT!!!!! you were born to do this!!!!! i am so proud of you!