Monday, October 27, 2008

bad day

I hate bad days. School is wearing me OUT. I mean with school, work, two boxers, and a boyfriend who doesn't know one thing about a simple apology, things can just plain suck sometimes. I hate having this feeling where you are upset but you don't want to talk to anyone about it, and you don't want to see anyone you know, but yet you don't really want to be alone. I mean , where in the hell is that going to get you ? Knowing me probably just sitting either in my car parked somewhere , or at Starbucks for a LONG time. Ive been going through some rough times lately. Friends just aren't really pulling through, relationships are hard and confusing, i guess its just a reminder that I cant really count on anyone but myself at this point. I need to just concentrate on school so i can finish and be able to support myself. I did find out a couple good news today though, i skipped class on Thursday and it turned out class was canceled anyways so i didn't miss anything! I also got my grade in math today and i have a 93.6%.


taryn said...

you can count on me!!!!!!!!!! i'm just home all the time with the kids... we don't have to talk about anything, you can just come here and enjoy the craziness with me. I LOVE YOU.

Krista Bandy said...

I love you.