Sunday, October 12, 2008

a new appreciation for my dogs

This morning i went to breakfast with Brenda and she brought Ruby along with us( her cute little 6 month old, 4lbs,min pin). Everything was fine we just thought she was sleeping very nicely in Brenda's lap the whole time.... well turns out we were wrong. After breakfast we came back to my house so i could get ready to go to Leah's Bridal shower and we took her out to go potty and she could barely stand up. Her head was bobbling around all weird and she kept falling over like she couldnt hold her own weight, i knew something was wrong. I was particularly scared because a while ago i had watched animal cops on tv and a dog on there had gotten into some rat poisen and didnt make it to the er on time. Well, Ruby was doing something very similar to what i thought looked like the dog on animal cops was doing. We watched her for a couple more minutes and realized she needed to go to the animal ER. So we rushed down to Arroyo Grande and they took her right in. We waited.. and waited...meanwhile Brenda was terribly upset thinking the worst situation possible.... and then finally got called into a small little room where they then questioned us. Do you keep any toxins in, or around your property ? Has she been eating and drinking anything today ? Has she been Vomiting or any diareah ? Do you have any marijunah in the house?

Right then we realized Brendas roomate( the stoner she found on craigslist last minute) smokes all day everyday and Ruby might possibly have wondered in there and gotten into his stash. So low and behold, poor little Ruby ended up eating some charcoal and barfing, and then getting sent home 400 dollars later. THANK GOD she was ok, but the poor thing is still high out of her mind!

It really gave me a new appreciation for my dogs because while i was in the ER a boxer was in there. I guess the owner( i could use a large amount of cuss words right now because of how much she infuriated me) had clipped EVERY SINGLE nail wayyy to short and they were all bleeding. There was blood all over the floor. It smelled really bad in there the whole time i just wanted to get the HELL outta there! I know i know, i wanna be a nurse! so im going to be around lots of blood and weird smelling things, but its different! I cant stand it when animals are hurt!!!!!

This is Ruby normal:

This is your dog on drugs:

And Again:


ParadisoPerDue said...

OMG, Danielle that is terrible!!! I'd say you have a really good excuse for missing the shower!!! I'm glad she's okay!! We missed you but I completely understand!!! I"m glad she's okay!!

Krista Bandy said...

I just got really scared reading that until I realized she was ok. That's really sad, tell her to get that f'ing room mate out, and give them that freaking bill! That's really sad, I hope she is doing better. We have had to take Gibby to the ER 2 times since we've had her..not fun.