Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new car!

so a couple months ago i mentioned to Jin Ho that i would just love to drive an automatic considering ive driven a stick shift almost since i got my drivers license. So he assured me that i would be able to find my exact Mercedes just as an automatic around the same price. So since then we have looked at about four different car lots around here not including one that we tried negotiating with down south! Turns out no one wants my car!!! I bought my car about a year ago now and since then its value has gone down tremendously!!! Also the fact that its a manual doesnt help at all. So i was having a really hard time trying to sell this car right when Jin Ho told me he found a car that i had said i liked a while ago. So tonight we went to just go LOOK at it right.... and i drive home in a new car!! Nuts i know. We seriously walked in and the owner of the Cadillac dealership walked up to Jin Ho like he was one of his buddies and basically handed the car over to us within 45 minutes AND gave it to me at an amazing price so that i could keep my payments around the same price. I had forgotten that the last 3 cars Jin Ho has bought were from them so they were basically friends. So goodbye to my Mercedes C-230 Kompressor and Hello to my new Cadillac srx. here is a picture. Im excited

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


when i get REALLY upset i do one of two things:

Binge eat in the Mcdonalds parking lot.
Or Clean til i can no longer find anything else to clean.

Last night i ate a big mac, fries, and a 6 piece chicken mcnugget and now today i want to go jump off a cliff!

That felt good

Monday, January 26, 2009

Class, i know i know im so boring! but its all i do!

Things that bother me in school.

First off in my math class (mind you im in algebra its not hard) there is a girl that sits right next to me that shouts out answers. At first i didn't think it bugged because she he wasn't doing it for every answer. NOW she shouts out all of the wrong answers. I cant STAND IT!!!!!!! she needs to seriously BEAT IT!!

Then my next class. ohhh how i love world religions! not. My teacher is absolutly off his rocker. He is completly 100% dislexic, half delf, and almost blind... which are not the reasons why i dont like him but it definitely contributes because hes shouting the whole class. I feel like im at an auction because he talks so fast. And the worst thing of all.. i seriously have a hard time talking about it because half the time it makes me want to run out of the class and throw up everywhere. He has a saliva problem because seriously 98% of the whole class he has crazy white spit all over his lips that make spit strings every other second. There are not very many things that make me want to seriously barf, but this does. I dont know what im going to do because hes mean too! ahhhhhh. Just 6 or 7 more weeks of him i guess.

My last class is family relations which i actually like a lot! The teacher is super sweet and laid back which makes the end of my days much more peaceful. Im looking forward to learning more about the reasons why i am the way i am!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huntington Beach!

I went to Huntington beach recently with Georgia and LB to visit a couple girlfriends and it was so much fun! Its been about a week or so and i keep wanting to go back! I was a little apprehensive to go because i have a hard time leaving my boyfriend and my dogs back at home... I realized i haven't done it since Ive lived with them! It was SOOOOOO nice though, not to say i didn't miss them a whole bunch, but to just be somewhere else and not have to worry about work or school was amazing. Plus we went to a couple really fun bars and ate the best food ive had in a long time two nights in a row! I also got to see Carly one day which was nice because we havent seen eachother in so long! I love love love Allie and Jessica. I want to go back and visit soon! I think if i was single and didnt have all of the good things i have now i would definitely live down there, i love that area!I decided that i want to do some sort of a tour around the world and go to all of the best dive bars in each town. Im obsessed with them! anyone wanna go with me?
Heres some pictures.This is the bombed out Italian food place we went to. Probably the best Italian food ive ever had! I still think about it all the time.
At HyRoys hahaha LB is drunk
Were at Johnnys right here and if i recall correctly were doing that thing were we all shake our faces really fast. ha
Johnnys had a million bath and body works lotions on the wall in the bathroom i thought it was crazy!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I start school this week!and i almost died

On Saturday i worked til about three and my parents came up to meet me to go do a little shopping. So my dad went and sat and had coffee at Starbucks while my mom and I ran off to Victoria Secret. Anyways, we did our shopping and went back to find my dad sitting outside at one of those tables right across from the entrance/exit of Express. So we decided to sit down to take a little break until he finished his coffee. Well i don't know if anyone has noticed this before because i had never seen it in my life, but hanging directly centered above express is this huge cement decoration that is just part of the building. So were sitting ten fit away from that entrance and all of the sudden we hear this huge boom like a bomb had gone off and everyone started screaming. So i turn around to look and the huge piece of cement had FALLEN ! Cement was shattered everywhere. There were huge pieces all around our feet. The weirdest part about it is that if anyone one knows .. that little area right there is normally so crowded theres no where to sit and its hard to walk through! I mean it was a Saturday afternoon and it was hot! there were a million and a half people out shopping even my mom mentioned how crazy it was. At that exact moment no one was walking in or out or even standing right there! I turned back to look at my mom and her face was white and her hands were shaking.

It happened 2 days ago and i still think about it. It made me feel SO weird. I mean im sitting there with the two most important people in my life and it could have killed one of them. We were ten ft from it! I guess you go through life knowing that freak things like that do happen, but to SEE it happen so close to you and your loved ones makes you re-evaluate how important it is to have them in your life. I left and went home afterwards and kept having this urge to call my parents and make sure they were ok and tell them i love them!

Anyways, on a better note i start school this week again! Im excited because im getting back on track one more step closer to my career, and not excited because ive been enjoying this break so much! Only a month and a half til i find out if i got excepted into the program!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well Vanessa inspired me to write our story about how we met considering we are a tiny bit random :)and everyone always asks! So here it is!

I had become really good friends with a couple of girls who were friends with one of the bartenders from black sheep (Rich) So we would go in there ALL the time (this was when i was going out a lot). I became semi-good friends with him so we all started hanging out. The first time we hung out was when Rich invited us over to his house late Thanksgiving evening to hang out and drink some wine. Jin Ho was there but we never really got introduced and we didn't even talk. I really just didn't even care who he was! sad, i know. Then we had this brilliant idea that we would start a bowling team , so we decided every Wednesday night we would go to Cal Poly to bowl. Jin Ho was of coarse invited so he was always there. We kinda just started to get to know eachother through that at first, and then later on from going out together. I remember thinking he was SO funny, and thats a plus for me! I got to know him a little better and we started hanging out a lot. I started noticing that he had his shit together which is not normal for me to date someone of that kind. He was smart, funny, owned his own house, dressed nice, it was all new to me so i liked it! Shortly after pretty much only knowing eachother for a month or so he asked me out on a date. It was fun but the food was really bad! Ill never forget what he said to me that night though. He was talking about a certain dance that i did after i bowled a strike that he saw me do and he " knew that he loved me right then" hahahaha. Im pretty sure i was riding it like a cowboy. Anyways now were in love. Im tired of writing cause i dont feel good!

The End

Monday, January 5, 2009

Its a small town afterall

I had a really fun weekend. I got to go to dinner with Lori the first night and I went to Ralph and Duanes two nights in a row!and it was fun! For the most part. It's out of character for me because most of the time i just find myself not having a good time while i am there. I think a lot of it has to do with seeing everybody that i went to highschool with every single time. Most of them are haters that think they are super cool! I wonder what growing up in a small town can do to make someone feel so cool? You would think that being so close with everyone and knowing most of the people would make you want to be friendly because you see them so much. Instead everyone pretends to like you but really they dont! I found that out a while ago, i wish i could have found out sooner!

While i was down there I found out some unnecessary drama one of the nights, which was interesting! Apparently two girls that i have never spoken one word two in my entire life talk shit about me on a regular basis!( i found out through a friend that hangs out with them sometimes) It's so petty and i dont personally care, but i think what bothered me the most is the fact that they blatently stared at me all night long trying to be obvious! Well throughout the night i had some tempting moments where i wanted to just be a bitch and call them out, but the reason i bring it up is because my New Years resolution is to not open my mouth anymore. I am honest a lot of the time and it only gets me into trouble. So the best i can do is just keep my mouth shut and avoid situations like that from now on!

Happy 2009, im hoping for a good year, with some good luck!