Thursday, October 16, 2008

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So all my life my dad has been getting shoulder surgeries and knee surgeries that require him to have multiple stitches. Pretty much every time he would ask me if i wanted to take them out for him! well knowing me, usually i did! I loved doing things like that. I remember one time he had a big shoulder surgery and came home with tons of staples all down his shoulder that he let me take out and i loved every second of it!! Well last night he came home with our flu shots. So of coarse in the family line up i go first ( if you know my family, i usually go first when dad brings home the scary shots from work) and right afterward he turned to me and said, "ok ,now you give me mine". I got soo nervous! Im not sure if it was because it was my dad and hes the doctor so i didnt want to mess up in front of him , or if it was because i just had never done it! So he yelled at me for a minute or so and finally i just did it. Well when i was done i was begging everyone else if they would let me do theirs too! I mean if i can be excited about giving my first shot, what is it going to be like helping deliver that baby!?

Oh another thing. I know my last blog was a little negative. I just was feeling really angry last night after reading a couple things, but i want all you moms around me to know that this was not about you. You guys are all very inspiring to me.

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taryn said...

your a freak for wanting to give shots! and your nuts if you think i'm going to let you give me mine!!!!! i got out of mom and dad's last night without getting one!!