Monday, January 5, 2009

Its a small town afterall

I had a really fun weekend. I got to go to dinner with Lori the first night and I went to Ralph and Duanes two nights in a row!and it was fun! For the most part. It's out of character for me because most of the time i just find myself not having a good time while i am there. I think a lot of it has to do with seeing everybody that i went to highschool with every single time. Most of them are haters that think they are super cool! I wonder what growing up in a small town can do to make someone feel so cool? You would think that being so close with everyone and knowing most of the people would make you want to be friendly because you see them so much. Instead everyone pretends to like you but really they dont! I found that out a while ago, i wish i could have found out sooner!

While i was down there I found out some unnecessary drama one of the nights, which was interesting! Apparently two girls that i have never spoken one word two in my entire life talk shit about me on a regular basis!( i found out through a friend that hangs out with them sometimes) It's so petty and i dont personally care, but i think what bothered me the most is the fact that they blatently stared at me all night long trying to be obvious! Well throughout the night i had some tempting moments where i wanted to just be a bitch and call them out, but the reason i bring it up is because my New Years resolution is to not open my mouth anymore. I am honest a lot of the time and it only gets me into trouble. So the best i can do is just keep my mouth shut and avoid situations like that from now on!

Happy 2009, im hoping for a good year, with some good luck!


mari said...

you make me curious as to who this was. i dont like going back to the village bars either because i feel like everyone is just sitting staring at one another. Last time I was there I got a lot of fake "hey how are you's." you are smart to just keep your mouth shut. you are fabulous and if people dont agree they can f off :)

Krista said...

Um i need to hear more information about this night. Also, lori, me and wiss ran into Ashley Shurick.. we felt the same.."hi how are you.." bullshit. like you really care how i am (in this case lori, cause thats the only person she talked to).
Well whatever. I like to be friendly with everyone.. hahahahaha.
tell me more about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brooke said...

1. Shut up that you're going to Seattle at the end of the month! Jealousy.
2. Good luck with the NY resolution...hahaha! That would never work for me! :)
3. Love the new header photo! Hotsy totsy!
4. Hi to my guy!

Danielle said...

Mari do you have a blog!?

taryn said...

i'm not at liberty to discuss this situation for a number of reasons
#1 i will freak out again
#2 i have to TRY to be a mature person now that I have 2 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taryn said...


Vanessa said...

I have found this to be a big issue when I go back home. People being fake. I think that it is great that you are just going to keep your mouth shut you are better then that. I just don't understand why people pretend to care to say hi when they obviously could care less. Also I don't understand why people care to hate when highschool was almost 10 years ago!! Well the good news here is that they have to live in a narcisistic small world while you get to sit on the outside of that and just laugh at what a petty way they spend their lives.

Danielle said...

i am so glad that im not the only one who feels this way !!

Krista said...

I forgot that we are 16 and still go to highschool. OH WAIT JK. I am 24..we are all 24-27 and have a life outside of talking stupid shit about people we don't know. We have kids, husbands, boyfriends, houses..
we don't wake up at 6 to go to school, we wake up at 6 to go to work, or take care of our children.
We have grown out of this stage.. at least some of us. I'm sorry. I love you.