Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huntington Beach!

I went to Huntington beach recently with Georgia and LB to visit a couple girlfriends and it was so much fun! Its been about a week or so and i keep wanting to go back! I was a little apprehensive to go because i have a hard time leaving my boyfriend and my dogs back at home... I realized i haven't done it since Ive lived with them! It was SOOOOOO nice though, not to say i didn't miss them a whole bunch, but to just be somewhere else and not have to worry about work or school was amazing. Plus we went to a couple really fun bars and ate the best food ive had in a long time two nights in a row! I also got to see Carly one day which was nice because we havent seen eachother in so long! I love love love Allie and Jessica. I want to go back and visit soon! I think if i was single and didnt have all of the good things i have now i would definitely live down there, i love that area!I decided that i want to do some sort of a tour around the world and go to all of the best dive bars in each town. Im obsessed with them! anyone wanna go with me?
Heres some pictures.This is the bombed out Italian food place we went to. Probably the best Italian food ive ever had! I still think about it all the time.
At HyRoys hahaha LB is drunk
Were at Johnnys right here and if i recall correctly were doing that thing were we all shake our faces really fast. ha
Johnnys had a million bath and body works lotions on the wall in the bathroom i thought it was crazy!!

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