Monday, January 26, 2009

Class, i know i know im so boring! but its all i do!

Things that bother me in school.

First off in my math class (mind you im in algebra its not hard) there is a girl that sits right next to me that shouts out answers. At first i didn't think it bugged because she he wasn't doing it for every answer. NOW she shouts out all of the wrong answers. I cant STAND IT!!!!!!! she needs to seriously BEAT IT!!

Then my next class. ohhh how i love world religions! not. My teacher is absolutly off his rocker. He is completly 100% dislexic, half delf, and almost blind... which are not the reasons why i dont like him but it definitely contributes because hes shouting the whole class. I feel like im at an auction because he talks so fast. And the worst thing of all.. i seriously have a hard time talking about it because half the time it makes me want to run out of the class and throw up everywhere. He has a saliva problem because seriously 98% of the whole class he has crazy white spit all over his lips that make spit strings every other second. There are not very many things that make me want to seriously barf, but this does. I dont know what im going to do because hes mean too! ahhhhhh. Just 6 or 7 more weeks of him i guess.

My last class is family relations which i actually like a lot! The teacher is super sweet and laid back which makes the end of my days much more peaceful. Im looking forward to learning more about the reasons why i am the way i am!


Michelle said...

gross...I'm picturing those spit strings right now!

Krista said...

I just laughed through this whole blog, I'm sorry but it's really funny. That spit hahaha. My boss can't read or write and sometimes doesn't smell all that great. Sooo hahaha I feel ya.