Monday, January 19, 2009

I start school this week!and i almost died

On Saturday i worked til about three and my parents came up to meet me to go do a little shopping. So my dad went and sat and had coffee at Starbucks while my mom and I ran off to Victoria Secret. Anyways, we did our shopping and went back to find my dad sitting outside at one of those tables right across from the entrance/exit of Express. So we decided to sit down to take a little break until he finished his coffee. Well i don't know if anyone has noticed this before because i had never seen it in my life, but hanging directly centered above express is this huge cement decoration that is just part of the building. So were sitting ten fit away from that entrance and all of the sudden we hear this huge boom like a bomb had gone off and everyone started screaming. So i turn around to look and the huge piece of cement had FALLEN ! Cement was shattered everywhere. There were huge pieces all around our feet. The weirdest part about it is that if anyone one knows .. that little area right there is normally so crowded theres no where to sit and its hard to walk through! I mean it was a Saturday afternoon and it was hot! there were a million and a half people out shopping even my mom mentioned how crazy it was. At that exact moment no one was walking in or out or even standing right there! I turned back to look at my mom and her face was white and her hands were shaking.

It happened 2 days ago and i still think about it. It made me feel SO weird. I mean im sitting there with the two most important people in my life and it could have killed one of them. We were ten ft from it! I guess you go through life knowing that freak things like that do happen, but to SEE it happen so close to you and your loved ones makes you re-evaluate how important it is to have them in your life. I left and went home afterwards and kept having this urge to call my parents and make sure they were ok and tell them i love them!

Anyways, on a better note i start school this week again! Im excited because im getting back on track one more step closer to my career, and not excited because ive been enjoying this break so much! Only a month and a half til i find out if i got excepted into the program!


Vanessa said...

That is really scary what happened to you and your parents on Sat!! Sometimes there are moments in life that make us stop and realize that we might take things for granted. Not saying that you do that specifically. I think we all do to some degree. I think that moments like that happen to put things back in perspective. Life is short and we need to love one another and take care of eachother while we are here. Which I think you do a good job of. I'm a giant ball of cheese incase you didn't know.

Michelle said...

Your poor mom!!!! I cannot believe that happened! Thank God no one got hurt. Seriously though, this isn't helping me out as far as my fears go. We all know I'm afraid of old buildings. At some point they fall apart, they can't stay standing forever!!!