Friday, June 12, 2009

today was my first day of clinical. I was soooo scared walking in. My first initial reaction was to run the hell out of that place. haha. I mean its just things you don't normally see or experience. I wont go over all of the different things that happened, but when i walked out from my first day i felt excited and ambitious. So thats good. Tomorrow we shall see what happends!!

On a another note, i went to go pick up the dogs from happy tails and on the way home i just wanted some silence when all of the sudden i hear something thrashing around in the backseat. So i turn out really quick to see what was going on and DAISY HAD ROLLED HER UP IN THE WINDOW basically choking herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im like still in complete shock over it. So i immediatly rolled the window down and shes ok... but seriously???????????? what would i have done if i had music on and didnt hear her????? CHILD LOCK will be on from now on when i have them back there!!!!!! ugh . i just cant even believe it.

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taryn said...

I just started sweating and my hands when numb when I read about what Daisy did... HOW SAD!!!!! I'm so glad you looked back there!!!!!! That would have been tragic.