Tuesday, February 24, 2009

when does the epidimic end!

i dont know if any of you watch the orange county housewives but the reunion was off the hook! i was laughing out loud half the show in COMPLETE SHOCK! I cant believe the whole story about Gretchen and her getting paid to take care of that old man!

Anyways, Ella ended up with the stomach flu Monday night so we are all crossing our fingers that none of us get it because we are all really excited to go to Disneyland this weekend so please PLEASE everyone pray for us that no one in my family falls ill! we need this vacation!


Anonymous said...

wait.. wait.. wait.. gretchen gets paid? please fill me in!

Danielle said...

Tamra sold her out. Apparently she had a boyfriend before she started the show and Jeff paid her to take care of her.They never actually got married! you NEED to watch it! It was soo awkward!

Krista said...

WHAT?!?! I didn't know what and I watched it! I guess I wasn't paying attention! That's funny. HAHAHAHA. well sad, but funny. I like Gretchen too!