Monday, February 9, 2009

new place

(Bentley and Daisy look like alien boxers!)
So we are in the new place... i have to admit at first i was totally freaked the f%ck out! but now i kind of love it. It's totally growing on me!I was going to post pictures but its too much work and even the pictures don't give it enough credit! I will do my best to describe it! So first of all you walk all the way up two flights up stairs to even get to the front door and when you come in its a little creepy looking.. well i think anyways. Its all red wood with walls that have big panels of red wood so it tends to look a little bit dark in here. It has really old light fixtures and in every room there are really cool vintage chandeliers. So downstairs theres the living room, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms with a one full bathroom. Then upstairs is the master bedroom which is my favorite. You walk up this really narrow staircase with three flights of stairs and into a huge room that has a big loft and its own bathroom. Theres also a really neat balcony that i cant wait to go sit out on when the weather gets nicer and even MAYBE have a glass of wine out there! Its lined with windows so its really bright at night and really sunny in the morning ( which i like ). The bathroom has a jacuzzi tub and huge mirrors in it! Last night when it was raining it was really loud on the windows and the sliding glass door out to the balcony, it lolled me to sleep! There's also a big window at the top of the stairs where you can see the del monte cafe (my favorite place in town) its literally a hop and skip one street away. im obsessed!! But i think my favorite part about living here is being able to walk out of the door every morning and see my favorite building in all of san luis. I used to drive by it everyday on my way to school and now i can look out my window and see it right there. Its this really old brick building that is being renovated right now so its looking more and more beatiful each day! The dogs are having a field day running around like crazy with all of this empty space! I want to have a party here before we head back to our newly remodeled house( which by the way is ALREADY delayed one day into it with this rain! i think we might be in here longer then planned !) Since we dont have a dining room set yet, i was thinking about possibly putting a beer pong table in there! I know it seems pretty white trash but i think it would be fun for the time being here! i love beer pong! haha

anyways tomorrow im going to see my dads surgeon that did both his shoulders and his knee for my shoulder. wish me luck!

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