Sunday, February 1, 2009


A while ago Jin Ho decided he wanted to remodel the kitchen so we have been kind of looking more into it the last three months or so. He had a contractor come up here on Thursday this last week and when i got home he told me that night that instead of just remodeling the kitchen, now its going to be the whole house! Were going to extend the back of the house out, add another master bathroom and closets, all new wood floors, remodel the whole kitchen! its going to be nuts AND the craziest part of all is that they are going to start this monday! So we had just about four days to find a rental that allowed dogs and only for a couple months!( which is almost near impossible in slo) but low and behold Jin Ho found one. Its a three bedroom two bath house. We went to see it today and its nuts. Its huge for us! Its right downtown slo with all red hardwood floors. At first i was a little bit creeped out by it because its two stories and it kind of resembles a house that a scary movie could be filmed in because of all of the dark red wood and old chandaliers in every room... but i kind of loved it by the time we walked out. I would actually want to live there if we were still going to move. The dogs are going to go crazy having all the room to run around in!So now the problem is ... moving. Since we are getting all new floors BASICALLY we have to move the whole house out! and in one week??? I cant even begin to describe how much it stressed me out. My boyfriend is nuts. completely nuts. but i love him. I think what i love about him most is his spontanaety, we will never be bored :) once we are in i will post pictures.


Krista said...

Crazy, but amazing.

taryn said...

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! me and the kiddos cannot wait to come and see the new place! and then the old place when it is redone! this is all so exciting to me!!!!!!!! will you have the whole family for dinner at the new place? yay! see you tomorrow!

Danielle said...

yeah for sure! its big! that would be fun to have the whole family come up for dinner