Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two things

First- you might recognize them from the CMT music show can you duet, or from a couple commercials on TV right now...but im OBSESSED. Their names are Rory+Joey and for some reason every single thing about them makes me cry. I loved them on the show,and when i saw one of their first commericals i just about died. They are the most sweetest, in love, precious couple not to mention she has the most amazing voice you have ever heard. Check them out!They have a couple videos on their myspace that are about them that are really cute.

Second- I don't know if you have ever tried this? m sure most of you have seen the commercial back in the day, yes the really cheesy one! BUT i love it. Lately ive been on a huge kick drinking a cup a night.. which probably is not good for the Lbs. but regardless it is tasty. I remembered drinking it when i was younger so i decided to go to the grocery store to see if they had it and thank God they did! Im actually having a glass right now!


Krista Bandy said...

my grandma likes that stuff and brought some over and Matt ended up drinking most of it.

taryn said...

i used to LOVE ovaltine as well...... and i keep seeing those commercials and they are really cute! they sound amazing.