Thursday, November 13, 2008

my dream

Ok just a little FYI about me before you read this.. my whole life ive had night terrors.. i wont go into detail or anything but they are vivid dreams that usually end up in me sleep walking and doing weird things and when i wake up i can remember the whole thing like it actually happened.This one wasnt scary at ALL, but it was as vivid as they usually are and i never usually dream other then night terrors... SO this morning I just woke up out of this dream i HAVE to blog about.

We were back at my old redlands house with my whole family,not living there,just visiting after all these years because i guess Taryn and I were both getting married there the next day! I dont remember if she was marrying Shaun or not, i dont think i ever got to see who it was going to be, all i remember is the house was vacant and a little different looking but mostly how i remembered it. It was painted a light teal and pastel pink, and i kept thinking.. these colors are crazy...but i guess it will work! My dad walked upstairs in his suit that was super eighties and like 5 sizes to small but he was really excited about it so i didnt say anything cause i didnt want to hurt his feelings. I just remember feeling like i wanted to cry when i saw it. THEN i realized i didnt have a wedding dress. Jin Ho had surprised me with one! It was wild. It was brown with all kinds of fancy stuff on it. I remember thinking he would really like me in it, but it was really unflattering. So i was looking around and Taryn had 3 wedding dresses picked out all from J Crew!! I kept asking her how i could find one in such short time and she told me that if i went that day to target they could have one shipped out to me. Then i remember freaking out and not wanting to get married inside the house because i felt like it was to eighties looking so i was yelling at everyone telling them i wanted to get married outside the house infront of the big pillars and by the bushes! Then i woke up.

It freaked me out, it was like i was actually there. Does anyone know why i would have a dream like this?


taryn said...

first of all lolololololololol that dress that jin ho surprised you with? and dad's suit? hahaha i can't stop laughing.
second of all are you pregnant? it's the only time i have vivid dreams like that!!! and with the ovaltine situation it seems like a possibility!

Danielle said...

well i would consider the possibility only... and you would know this best.... IVE BEEN HAVING DREAMS LIKE THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!