Sunday, November 16, 2008

i love them.

So i had lunch with Lori and Krista this week and boy did i NEED it! I feel like i haven't even been able to see their bellies grow and i hate it more than anything! They make me feel like im so far behind ( life wise) but its amazing to think that we are all still best friends and i actually get to witness all of this baby having! Now for the rest of the weekend, not so good. not gonna blog about it.

I forced them to take this picture. Lori wanted to take it infront of that big coors light truck in the background ( not surprising!) and Krista would not smile!!! Sounds about right :) Love you guys!


Krista said...

I was waiting for this!
I wish you got to come on Saturday, but there's always next time.
PS.. I look like a black blob. Lori looks like a purple flower.

Erin said...

That's so funny. Lori WOULD want that truck in the background. I'm glad you're posting pictures of their growing bellies because obviously they aren't.

Carly said...


wiss said...

You probably see more of them than I do!!! It's nice to see a picture!

mari said...

Danielle, you are not behind on life! Take your time and enjoy the ride! Everyone has their own speed :) PS, I love your xmas tree and Lori and Krista have darn cute bellies!