Friday, August 21, 2009

sometimes i would rather be in school.

there are so many good aspects of my life right now. Im learning so many new things, im reconnecting with so many important friends, i get to watch my niece and nephew grow up on a daily basis... im doing something so so great for myself ( which may not seem like it now, but in the long run definitely).... i could go on and on about all of the things i am thankful for.. but there's just something.

somethings not right, maybe its the fact that i spend all of my time studying and i feel like im missing out on living.. or possibly the fact that although i do appreciate living at home right now tremendously, i dont love it. Its not because its not a great location or space.. it just doesn't feel like home for me. I want to have my own little spot again where i can make it my own and have my quiet time to myself without having to explain what im doing and where im going every time i leave.

Maybe its just my hormones. There are a few new things going on in my body i just found out about that could definitely be effecting me.

Im not quite sure yet.. all i know is that if there was one thing i could do right now it would be ice skating in new york while it snows at night time. Or to walk down the streets of Seattle downtown while its windy and snowing so much and so cold that it hurts.

or love?- ugh ew!


Krista said...

i love you danielle.

brooke said...

I MISS YOU!!! so bummed you cut out before i got a chance to hug you at the wedding. but no worries, i get it. just miss you, that's all. xo