Tuesday, August 4, 2009

im so boring!

Two more days and im out of my first semester of nursing school . I cant believe it flew by so fast. I have learned so much in these last three months its nuts. I love it, i cant wait until i can be hands on daily with people.

Summer has been good. I have been hanging out and doing as much as i can with friends outside of school. I went and saw Black eyed peas at the fair and it was amazing!!! so much fun! on the down side i came home today (and im in FINALS right now keep in mind til Thursday), and i got a really bad headache , laid, down, and had the chills like every 3 minuts for a good 3 hours. So im hoping im not getting terribly ill. I need to be feeling good for the next couple of days especially Thursday for my skills final.

ps im so boring!

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