Thursday, July 16, 2009

bla bla bla NURSING SCHOOL

i decided im doing things for me now. From here on out i HAVE to do the right things for myself to make it through this next year at least! This week was rough, two exams, two quizes, catheter demo and gi tubes. I now just need to get through two more long days of clinic and then its the weekend!! cant wait! Today was my first good day in a long time. I finally woke up today and felt like i didnt care. I know that might sound really bad... but theres something to it. A big part of nursing school is the stress and anxiety that comes along with it.. and each day i wake up with so much anxiety about what im going to be demonstrating.. or learning... or giving a speech, or having meetings with my instructors and it just creates so many more problems then needed. So for me to go into the day with a positive care free attitude ready to learn and conquer felt so good. Everything just went smooth. Im hoping for more days like this!

On a better note, i GOT OUT TONIGHT! i went to the SM fair with some ladies and saw Boyz 2 Men. ummm amazzzing!!! It felt so get to get out of the house i started feeling terribly isolated.

ps sorry if i talk about nursing school so much but its just all i know anymore these days... im single, no kids, no social life... just nursing school.

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