Thursday, May 28, 2009

i started

well this is my first week of nursing school and i love it. Dont get me wrong, im exhausted and incredibly stressed out. The days are eight hour long days five days a week, not including some clinical that you have to be there at 6 in the morning just jam packed full of information. They basically just slam you into everything on the first day and by the time the day was over i started understanding what all of the "scare" was about. I also realized that i am basically the underdog in the class considering almost everyone in there except for a few of us are already cna's or medical assistants.. which is not a nurse, or liscened, but it does give them an upperhand in some areas because most of them have already worked somewhere in healthcare. BUT i am not by any means going to let that bother me!!! We have to demonstrate every single thing we learn infront of an instructor individually and i was struggeling a little bit today because its terribly nerve racking so i stayed afterwards to get a little more help one on one, i find that building a relationship with your instructor and getting more help is definitely something i need to be successful. School does NOT come easy for me, and never has. I struggeled in middle school and in highschool as well, but i found that when i started college the more i applied myself and worked HARD, i was succeeding. SO I NOW KNOW , that if i put myself to the test and study hard, apply myself and give it everything ive got things start turning up.

Anyways, just thought i would try and update every now and then about how its all going. So far so good. I have my first day of clinical tomorrow! yikes... but fun. im definitely into the more hands on part of the whole thing!


taryn said...

You are amazing and I am so proud of you! So many people never go out and do anything that they want to with their lives (me included) and you are really going for it and you are so determined and I KNOW you can do it! I am loving hearing all about this journey!!!

zxxzooz said...

keep at it, yo.