Monday, May 11, 2009


Im in the last week of school right now and im flipping out. I have developed chest pains, a blinking issue, and stomach problems because of it! haha. Its true. I start nursing school in a matter of weeks... ugh. I should be so so excited but i think because of all of the reading they have assigned BEFORE school even starts .. its hard. I got my first two pairs of scrubs which was weird and exciting! Something funny for all of you that watch Greys Anatomy.. While i was trying on fifty pairs of scrubs trying to figure out which ones were the most comfertable i came across a lab jacket that was super cute and stylish! Well i was required to have one so i checked out the brand and low and behold it was made by Katherine Heigle! apparently the actress that plays the role of a doctor makes a line of scrubs! i thought that was funny. Anyways i got one that looks just like the one she wears on the show :) i really liked it!

Its all becoming very real and im freaked out!! Other than that im just trying to live it up before i have to crack down and lifes been great :)

oh and ps. i joined twitter! add me


Erin said...

That's so exciting Danielle. It's cool that you're really doing something... I can't say the same for myself. Ha. But you're doing something really cool with your life and you should be really proud of yourself! And just have fun with it. Try and relax! And I'll follow you on twitter. I have one too. Follow me.

Vanessa said...

GoodLuck with your first week of nursing school! and your last weeks of your other school! Of course you would be doing it in style. Sometimes I day dream about your room with all those clothes and makeup. You are going to do awesome!!