Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last weekend we went out on Saturday night with pretty much all of our friends (which is rare) because usually Jin Ho works and everyone else is just busy. WELL as i predicted, everyone pretty much ended up as drunk as i thought they would and ended off the night in a fist fight! Compliments of my boyfriend starting it by sticking up for me :) then we decided to walk all the way home and he forced me to take off my heels and wear his shoes and he walked in his socks the whole two miles! he is so sweet. He also put up the Christmas lights last weekend and they look amazing! This year he got the LED icicle lights so you can pretty much see our house from Broad because they are so bright! Then, right when i thought i was pushing it asking him to put up the lights, he came home from work yesterday and offered to go get a Christmas tree!! Before we left he MADE sure that i knew we couldnt get a huge one because our house is to small and we dont have enough room...haha. All i can say is we came home with an EIGHT feet tall flocked tree!! its wild and i love it.I spotted it from a mile away when we got to the the place and its perfect! I decorated last night til about eleven and now our living room looks like a winter wonderland! I really do have the best boyfriend. I felt so bad because last night when we went to bed he woke up and barfed all night long, and then i had crazy anxiety that i might get sick during these next few weeks of finals so we were both up all night! I cant wait for Christmas... and i think were going to go to Vegas when im done on the 17th, im so excited!p.s who thinks we should have a holiday party this year???


Krista said...

YOU AND LORI have beat me to the Christmas decorations and I'm really upset about that!!!!!!!!! I need my tree NOW! But I love your house and tree...amazing! See you Sunday baby!!!

wiss said...

I want to visit that winter wonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fun!

brooke said...

1. Jin Ho fist fighting=ridiculousness. None of that!
2. The shoe exchange=hilariousness. Love it!
3. Yay for Christmas trees! We just finished decorating ours.
4. Have a Christmas Party! We've had one the last 4 years, but can't find a good date this year. Saddest day ever.
ps--my word verification below is "methy", how weird is that?!