Monday, December 29, 2008

a couple new things

So over the Christmas break Jin Ho had a few days off (which is very rare) so we went shopping! Him and i never get to spend a whole day off, let alone a couple of them, so we took advantage of it! We took the dogs to doggy day care at happy tails so we wouldn't have to worry about them being in their crates for too long, and we were off!

We went up to Paso to Target and Ross. Then we came back to slo and shopped around downtown til we had to go pick up the dogs before they closed. I had soooo much fun, not just because we were getting some new things for the house, but because we got to spend that much time together doing something fun. If you know me, then you know that the house that Jin Ho moved into almost 2 years ago still looks like he just moved in a month ago! There is nothing on the walls! and the decorating looks like a bachelor pad. So just to start off small , we got a few new things that are helping turn this house into a home, and i love it.

Here are just some random pictures of some of the things we got and more.

This is the side table we got for the couches along with a cute new lamp and digital photo frame!I was probably the most excited about the digital photo frame because ive been wanting one for a while now!
I found these candle holders at Ross im OBSESSED with them! They were so cheap and now we can bring good luck into the house with elephants! ( i am a little superstitous)

We also got this little table at Ross along with the mirror we hung above it. This is the spot where he used to have a whole wall of Dvd's. It looks and feels 100% nicer in here now and we actually hung our first item on the wall!
Bentley is obsessed with Jin Ho, from the second he gets home til he leaves in the morning hes sitting on his lap! And then the picture below is Mom and Ella baking last night! Right before she fell ill :( poor little lover.


taryn said...

i'm so glad that jin ho (you) got a new camera for Christmas! I love all the new stuff, especially the digital frame with a picture of Owen in it and the cupcake book I got you on the table! I also love the elephant candle holders, I didn't imagine they would be that cute when you told me about them. I'll be looking out for the picture frame I got you for Christmas!!!

brooke said...

I love the matching aprons...too cute! And nice work on the cupcake book, Taryn! D--did I tell you about the wedding cupcakes (baked by friends) plan...???? I'm looking for additional volunteers! :)

mari said...

I LOVE THE ELEPHANT CANDLE HOLDERS! so jealous, great find! yes, I'm still obsessed w/ elephants :)

Danielle said...

Brooke i would love to help with cupcakes!!! and Mari omg that is so funny that you are still obsessed with elephants! since the day i met you :)