Thursday, September 16, 2010

waiting waiting waiting

so the last 19 days have been the longest days of my entire life. I took my NCLEX (nursing license exam ) on the 28th of last month and it has been A nightmare!!!!!! Every single day i try and come home or be home around 1 o'clock when the mail gets to my house and EVERRRRYYYY SINNNGGGGLLLEEEE DAYYYYYYY... nothing. Other girls from my program waited.. hmm... 8 days ... 10 days..... 17 days... oh but me? 19! so far ! who knows how long or when they will actually get here.

If i passed... straight into the nursing world :) which would mean the world to me.

If i failed.... i think it might be back into hair for a little while because this whole testing and waiting process is just taking to long to do nothing all over again!

Please God have let me pass, ive never wanted anything more in my life.

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