Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been doing some photo manipulations lately. Here are a few. The 3rd one down is by Alex, he digitally paints. He is sooooo goood i dont even get it. Blows my mind!

This is Lauren :) 
Alex's artwork
This one i had a lot of fun with, lots of work though
This is my favorite piece ive done so far
So, ive noticed that when i show my art to people.. some of the pieces make them feel a little bit uncomfortable.  Im guessing because of the nudity? So i wanted to explain a little.  The reason for most of my pieces being the female form is because it has become what inspires me to photo manipulate. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR.. i am NOT  a lesbian :) or even bi... that is not the reason why i choose the female body.. i just feel inspired by its beauty. Not so much the male body.. haha. Feel free to ask questions :)


Krista Bandy said...

Why would you want to photo shop a penis?! I would rather look at a naked lady and her boobs, than a naked guy and his dong.. HAHAHA i JUST laughed out loud.

taryn said...

i have a question, are you a lesbian?

Danielle said...

ew Taryn!!!!!!