Friday, January 28, 2011


Ive been feeling AN IMENSE amount of stress. Between moving, getting a new job and Bruiser ( which feels like i have a baby... at least an idea of what it might be like) i feel like a ticking time bomb!! Im just on edge all the time :( . I feel just awful for the people around me. I cried the other night to Alex just saying how i feel like right now in my life im having a hard time getting a long with everyone, including him. Thank God he is so patient with me because i dont know if anyone else would be! I just really need to focus on making things better for myself and getting things in order. Getting the job has definitely helped already. I felt so much stress off my shoulders immediately. I got hired on with the Santa Maria Bonita School District which is such a HUGE blessing. Its a great job and pays great. Not to mention it will look really awesome on my resume for the future, or the fact that i have summers off?? how cool is that!  I have to be honest, its not exactly where i envisioned myself right now as a nurse, but i will take what ever comes my way because ive come to the conclusion that its Gods plan for me. I start this week. I also move this week.. cool! Im just taking it one day at a time and enjoying it as much as i can.

Also, if you've been feeling sad, or stressed out lately something that really helps me a lot that Alex actually figured out is putting Disney songs on pandora!! The sound of music just came on and i think made my whole weekend!!!!!


Michelle said...

danielle you are so cute! i am so happy about that new job. the whole summers off thing is so amazing not to mention you're gonna meet a lot of really cute kids. and i DO have Disney on my love love it.

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