Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My favorite time of year.  I know it sounds crazy, but i seriously wait all year long for these last two months! I just love it! The Christmas tree ( which by the way my christmas tree is 11 ft tall and flocked, no judging!!! not to mention i have one in my room and in the living room).. the lights.. the Village! I LOVE IT HERE! I get to walk two blocks to get food, drinks,  my family... im blessed thats for sure.  Ive been feeling really happy again lately because ive finally started working again! For all who don't know, im working with my dad!  I wasn't sure at first how it would go over... if we would kill each other at the end of the day... but i couldn't love it more. He has taught me so much already and i look up to him a lot! ( might i add he is a great teacher) We have a great time cutting and doing surgical procedures together in particular. I have a huge amount of respect for him he works his butt off religiously all day every day.  I really had no idea until i started working there. He sees patients every ten minutes all day long.  Its nuts how much were running around! I find myself at the end of the day wanting to go over and hang out at my parents just to chat about all of the funny crazy things that happened to us that day :)

Christmas is in 4 days! ahhhh ! I cant believe its already here. Which means a new year soon too. I never really do resolutions... but i think mine this year is going to be to move into a bigger place and get a dog. Ive had the itch so bad lately that i even went and checked out some puppies. Unfortunately, the apartment im living in right now doesn't allow dogs..but come May my lease is up and i WILL be finding a place that does. Theres not usually a day that goes by that  i dont think about Daisy and Bentley. I miss them so much it hurts! I cried about it the other night which was weird... i was emotional and for some reason got a flash of Bentley running at the dog park and tears just started pouring out. Its such a big loss and missing piece in my heart.  I was thinking about if i even would get another boxer... as much as my heart longs for one.. i might not.  They seem to have so many problems.. and im sort of leaning towards something a little more relaxed. Any ideas? Alex was talking about me maybe getting a boston terrier! ( Krista i know you just shit yourself a little when you read that :) ) i know they are hyper but i definitely want a dog that i can leave at home while im working and not have to worry about it destroying the house! I think its just in boxers nature to naturally want to get into everything : / i dont know.. lots of thinking and more researching !

Anyways... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3


Erin said...

Cool that you're working with your dad!!!

And yes. Get a dog!! Or if you don't want a puppy destroying your house, get an older dog. We got Bridgette, our french bulldog, from a local breeder. She's amazing. She's 5. And we didn't have to teach her anything. She's pretty much perfect. I know people love puppies, but I don't know if I'll ever get a puppy again. After having Bridgette and seeing how easy it is to take in an adult dog, a puppy seems rough.

And I'm glad that you're happy:)

Krista Bandy said...