Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my life

i love my life.

Things were really rough there for a while, im not gonna lie. Graduating nursing school was out of control and the last eight weeks of me being completely bored out of my mind has been really hard. It was just such a weird transition to go from being busy every single second to having so much free time! I finally got my exam date to be licensed on Aug 17th so i have been trying to stay busy studying!

i moved out of my parents house when i graduated school into my own little one bedroom apartment in the village. I definitely wasn't sure if i liked it at first.. but now i love it. I love every single thing about it. The location, the space, my neighbors.. its perfect for me.

Not to mention how awesome Alex is. Things were hard between us for a while there too. I think between him living at his parents house and me living with mine and finishing school, we were just in a hard spot, both really stressed out. Things are really really good now. Im happier than ever and can only hope things stay this good forever <3

My old computer crashed not that long ago so i got a new mac book pro! My first mac ... im in love. Alex had all kinds of cool programs he installed, one of them being photo shop. He gave me my first tutorial last night for an hour and now i feel like i cant stop!! Im completely obsessed.

There is one thing though... a little piece of me has been missing. When i started school... i hated it. I found myself asking on a daily basis ...can i really do this ? I don't think there was one day that when by that i wanted to just walk out and never go back. It was harder, scarier,and more challenging than anything i had ever done in my entire life....but oh my gosh did that change. I found something that i love. I MISS it so so much. I feel like everything is perfect in my life right now except one thing, and thats nursing. I cant wait to get licensed to get back into it. I think once i get that situated everything will be awesome.

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