Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Commitment. What does it even mean ? Why even have it ?does putting a label on something make it official? And also, why do our pasts have to carry over into our futures? Is it preventing us from totally one hundred percent embracing new expierences and new feelings ? I wanna find out what you guys think.


Krista said...

I think our past carries over because we don't want to get hurt like we did in the past, because we learn from what we did in the past.. although we should always look at the day we are living and not the past or the future, it will never be that way. I know that today I love my husband and my son, I do not think about what I did in the past or what I would have done in the past if I knew what my life would be like..well I think about it, but I don't dwell on it.. I don't think about the future because I have no idea what the future has in store for me or my family. I just know that RIGHT NOW I am happy and that is all that should matter.
I love you! I hope this wasn't all crazy sounding either.

Vanessa said...

So many questions in one post! I thought this post was intriguing. So i'll give my two cense. Might be worth less than that hahaha.

Commitment what does it even mean?
I think it means two people who have decided to be loyal to one another. Not just physically but emotionally. It's a pact that two people have put the other persons interest maybe not ahead of their own but pretty darn near and in the utmost regard.

Why even have it?
Cause knowing that someone always has your back is better than going at this crazy life alone!! It's like securing the ultimate best friend.

Does putting a label on it make it official?
I've had friends that didn't want to put a label on their rela and they just wanted to go with the flow of things. They didn't want to be put into a box. I respected that. Now they are engaged. Haha now that's a label!! But it worked out for them to go with their own pace. The two of them knew how eachother felt. They didn't need outside sources to give it a name.

Why do our pasts have to carry over into our futures?
I feel like this is like facing an irrational fear. Kinda how they did on that show obsessed. Getting over a fear means you have to face it. Well unfortuantly we can't fully get over our past till we face what haunted us from it. I'm thinking you are talking about past relationships? So in that case we carry a bit of us with it cause being in the new relationship dreges up our fears from the past one a bit. I feel like this is totally natural. As long as it doesn't overshadow that what you are experiencing is totally new. Past relationships aren't current ones.

Is it preventing us from totally one hundred percent embracing new experiences and new feelings?
100% maybe. But 95% is pretty fare. I mean we'd have to be robots to not let our past someone effect how we feel today. It'd be cool if we could eternal sunshine it. and we could erase any past pain. But it makes us stronger and better able to love and appreciate our new feelings!! Personally for me appreciating my new relationship is where the past creeps up the most. I'm constantly thinking this is what a relationship should feel like. Eventually I think that will just go away all together.

Krista said...

Vanessas reply blew mine out of the water!